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The Goal and mission of Ansindar
To be the preferred brand in domestic industry of aluminum alloys casting rods . To make contribution to the development of China's aluminum processing industry

The core value of Ansindar
Development value: we are constantly surpassing ourselves, making great progress with a positive attitude and determination.

Creative value: We encourage the technology innovation, products innovation, manage innovation and service innovation.

Employee value: We sparkplug all the employees to fully realize their value. We give opportunity all the talented people.

The idea of talented people
We uphold the idea that " everyone is talented" and give respect to every industrious worker.

We advocate team-cooperation, speak frankly and sincerely, support each other and share success with each other.

We embrace various talented people, who character with open thought, well adapting capacity, strong sense of responsibility and willingness to challenge themselves, with open arms. With these talented people's participation, the whole quality of the employees will be improved.

Every employee in our company has the opportunity to accept various training, take part in various cooperation object and touch with various advanced technology so that the demand of company's constant development can be satisfied.

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